Top 10 Resources for You On “Community Management” 18th July 2017

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Here I’m going to update 10 new news on Community Management, which are given below….

The Ins and Outs of Online Community Management

Silangan Mining launches new community corporation

Equus Sells $100M Communities in Virginia

Finance experts still going strong

Bushfire management plan seeking community opinion

Community To Weigh In On 10-Year Salton Sea Management Plan

Community management & rédaction : on cherche un-e stagiaire

Waste Management Leader From Hawaii to Talk Trash at Town Hall

Community Manager

Feds install new management at Citizens Community Credit Union

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Top 10 Social Media Community Manager Tips and Tricks

Vitrue’s own Tara Richards and Jenny Heinrich share their Top 10 Social Media Community Manager Tips and Tricks. 1. Don’t Plan Too Far Ahead. Don’t plan more than one month in advance. 2. Play By The Numbers. Focus on the quality of your fans, not the quantity. Also, keep posts short/easy to scan. 3. Be a Community Advocate.

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