SEO Challenges You’ll Face in the Near Future

In today’s digital era, so much companies and organizations have already succumbed to digital transformation and marketing efforts, one of which is Carl Ocab and his team of professionals specializing in web design, web development, and search engine optimization.


Which reminds me – what is search engine optimization?

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization or SEO refers to the process of increasing and improving both the quantity and quality of a website’s traffic through organic search engine results. Basically, SEO is a constant effort in helping a website rank up and improve traffic and visibility on search engines.


So much of today’s businesses focus and specialize in SEO, mainly because it’s one of the best and most effective ways to establish a stronger presence online, particularly in search engines like Google. Gone are the days of traditional marketing wherein marketers would print flyers and brochures of their products or services, hand it out to strangers out in the streets, and hope they read and come across its details instead of throwing it away. Today, digital marketing is the new, innovative way of promoting and selling a brand’s product or service, and one of digital marketing’s best tools or weapons up to date is search engine optimization.


Just like any other marketing strategy, tool, device, or technology, SEO also has its flaws, and you may be experiencing quite a few of these along the way; hence, here are some SEO challenges you’ll most likely face in the near future, so you’d know how to solve them or prevent them, at the very least:

Unexpected Rank Drop

You can be managing and organizing successful campaigns, coming up with new strategies, and witnessing significant traffic increases, then, all of a sudden, your success comes crashing down.


This is, well, unexpected, and inevitable, for that matter. And sometimes, it can also be technical. Search engines go through several algorithm changes, and this can affect your ranking. But, you don’t really need to worry much, because this, too, shall pass and go back to the way it was before the algorithm change. However, be mindful and rise to the situation at a moment’s notice. It’s important that you don’t feel too confident or relaxed. After all, you worked hard for this. Why let go of it now?

Project Management

Successful SEO professionals are highly organized, and if you want to be one, then you also have to be highly organized.


There will definitely be times when you’d feel like you’ve taken too much measures, and there will also be times when you’d feel like it’s impossible to achieve anything at any given point. For that, you’re going to need proper project and task management so as to organize your thoughts, strategies, and control over your entire management structure.


You definitely can’t and shouldn’t pull an all-nighter just to please a client and their requests. SEO requires constant effort and determination, and it’s not going to be an easy feat. However, as mentioned, you can have proper task management so you’d know which ones to prioritize first over the other.

Handling and Meeting Client Expectations

Make no mistake: you’ll only end up in greater trouble if you keep promising things to clients while failing to live up to these in the end. Eventually, clients wouldn’t be so impressed with your performance.


The solution to this is to keep lying low. Whether its a meeting with an existing client or a quote or proposal with potential clients, make sure to set the correct expectations. While you may not get sales all the time, it’s still the right outcome since you were transparent all along. Stay on your lane, on your wheelhouse. Impress them with results and not your words. As the old saying goes, “Actions speak louder than words.” Deliver; then wait for their feedback.


You’d be surprised when clients and would-be clients make a follow-up phone call months later to bring up a conversation about your promos and offer with adjusted expectations. This is because prospects and clients alike appreciate transparency in the long run.

Staying Up To Date

The expectation of staying up to date with every bit of information can be pretty disappointing, and, not to mention, it significantly puts elevated pressure just right on your shoulders. This can, and this will definitely be challenging, especially if you’re trying to grow and develop your company. But when it all boils down to disappointment and unmet expectations in keeping up with all the latest news, it’s an important thing to remember that you can always invest in tools.


Tools are absolutely critical in SEO; hence, never be afraid of investing in new tools that can improve your keyword search, tracking, and the like.


Relying on the Same Old Channel Approach

While there is significant value in specializing on a particular channel or medium approach, it can actually still be a mistake to rely on a single one for an extended period of time. You can’t possibly have just one strategy or approach and expect to be successful in SEO today and in the long run, no matter how excellent you think you are.


Restructuring and looking for new approaches will help you generate better and more stable results, which will definitely make your clients a lot happier and more satisfied with your service. From now on, start optimizing not just client websites, but rather citations, directories, and social media profiles as well. Progressing from mere search engine optimization to establishing a stronger online presence requires a constant effort in venturing out into other possible approaches and channels, and, more importantly, coming out of your comfort zone.


Prioritizing Metrics Over Leads and Sales

If you have been in the SEO industry for quite some time now, you would know that the majority of all SEO clients only care about two things, which are sales and leads.


You can spend all the time you want telling them about SEO technicalities, but, in the end, the only thing that’ll really matter are results. If they don’t get enough sales from all your SEO efforts, clients couldn’t really care less about conversion or bounce rates, no matter how hard you try explaining all these to them.


With that, focus more on which actions can direct better leads and sales. Never allow yourself to get caught up in mere vanity metrics and or rankings. You can do more than that.

Wrapping Up

As I’ve mentioned, SEO is not an easy feat. It requires constant effort and determination. One can never simply sleep soundly at night and expect that their search rankings have gone up as soon as the sun rises. Markets all over the world have become so competitive that companies need to continuously work on digital marketing strategies in order to establish a stronger online presence and improve website traffic. While challenges may be inevitable, you can always look for ways or alternatives on how to either prevent or solve these challenges.


Author’s Bio:

Edwin Deponte is a motivational writer who is also passionate about Social Marketing. He believes in others’ abilities and tends to bring out people’s hidden potentials through his words of inspirations and motivational articles.