Here are the Reasons Why LinkedIn is Important

There is no denial of the fact that hundreds of websites have emerged for youngsters who are desperately looking for a job. With the advent of the internet and these platforms, it has become really hassle-free for the job seekers to get updated jobs from good recruiters. However, in this competitive market, there are millions of job seekers who rely solely on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn might not be the most important social networking site for connecting with friends but the importance of this website cannot be ignored at any cost. When it comes to connecting industry professionals, you cannot compare any other website with LinkedIn. You have to knowledge about How the LinkedIn Algorithm Works And How to Make it Work for You.

This will help boost your career by providing you with a plethora of opportunities for hiring as well as getting hired. Activities on this website are more optimized and organic. Many popular industries rely solely on LinkedIn to get the best candidates for their organizations. Therefore, this website has an unimaginable popularity among job seekers.

LinkedIn can be termed as the most popular business-oriented social networking site with 240 million active users. The number can increase up to 300 million at the end of this year, which is a 38% boost in business. Impressive, isn’t it?

As of now, it has been reported that more than 3 million companies from all around the globe have official LinkedIn pages. Starting from the CEO of the company to the employers, all have an active presence on the website. So, are you wondering what makes it one of the best business social networking websites on the internet? Just scroll down to know more.

Why LinkedIn is more important than other websites?

  • You can promote yourself as a professional:

promote yourself as a professional

Gone are days when you had to visit various offices to submit your bio-data and look for a compatible job in your field. With digitalization and online access, you can make yourself grow as a professional every day and let the recruiter find you as a suitable candidate. LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to promote yourself as a professional in the industry. You can create your own page on LinkedIn and maintain that as an online profile.

You can update the profile and incorporate important information about your skills, experience, and field you aim to choose as your career path. When you update your profile and share it with the people who are connected to you, recruiters can stumble upon it. They can check your profile and find out your skills and experience. When recruiters find it fruitful, they connect to you.  Thus, do not forget to use LinkedIn as a platform to advertise your skills and build proper credibility as a professional.

  • Best place to get the best recruiters:

If you are looking for a good job with a standard salary, LinkedIn is the best place indeed. This website can recommend you the best job offers according to your skills and potential. When you update the notification from the settings, LinkedIn will continuously update you about the new opportunities and the new recruiters who are interested in your profile. There is no chance of fraudulent when you join in a company via LinkedIn. You can also visit company pages and look for any openings. You will get lots of opportunities so that you can even get time to think that which opening is best suited for you and how you utilize it. Do not delay to open an account in LinkedIn if you really want to become a good IT professional.

  • You can stay updated about the industry’s performance:

When you open an account on LinkedIn and stay updated, you will get a lot of information about the performance of the industries.

stay updated about the industry’s performance

People share much important stuff in it so that employees come to know the condition of the organization. Apart from that, when you apply for the job, you can visit the company pages to know about their profit, new business updates and more. When you get the crystal clear information about the company, you can make a wise decision.

  • You can be found in Google:

LinkedIn has a lot of authority on Google. It has been found that the website always maintains a good SERP on Google ranking pages. Not only company pages but, the individual pages on LinkedIn also get a good rank on Google Pages. So, when you open a profile on LinkedIn, you can easily be found on Google. You just have to make sure that you update the about me section on your profile and make it visible. Therefore, LinkedIn is the best way to lead your career to proceed to the right path.

As you know the benefits of the LinkedIn profile, now you need to know why you should keep your profile updated every time you use it. Keeping your Linked in profile update helps in the search engine of Algorithm and your current connections can see your promotions or any new skills you learned Maybe, they have some opportunity for you so it is strictly recommended to update it every once in a while.

7 reasons why you should keep your profile updated on LinkedIn

LinkedIn can be referred to as a personal branding platform. Therefore, you need to understand that millions of competitors are there. You need to be active to grab the best opportunity for your career.

  1. It has millions of active users: LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. If you do not have a LinkedIn profile, you will not be considered as a professional executive. Every recruiter will ask you one question that whether you have a LinkedIn profile. It is mentioned earlier that it has more than 240 million members. Thus, if you don’t want to lag behind, you have to be active and there is no other choice. Don’t forget that without being brand conscious, making a career in this rat race is impossible.


  1. People are researching you: You need to remember that all kinds of people are using different ways to find you and know about you. LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to control what these people find out about your strengths and your brand. These people are of three categories; the people you know, the people want to know about you and people who matter to you. They can be your friends, managers, recruiters, etc. Do not forget that when you update the profile, new people can also get connected with you.


  1. You can share your achievements: LinkedIn is the best place to share your achievements and get new opportunities. For example, if you run a blog, you can share the link on your Facebook profile. This will help you to showcase your talent to the recruiters so that they know about you more. Therefore, you can find out the best opportunity as recruiters find out your skills in the best possible way.


  1. It is packed with valuable resources: LinkedIn is the best place to expand your profile and let the top-notch industry personnel find you. You can get a solution for every problem related to your career on LinkedIn. You can go for direct communication with the HR or the recruiting team of any company. Do not worry as this is the simplest way to get a good job.


  1. You’ll stay updated with ultra information:


By following the leaders and managers of every company, you can get different information about the latest trends and updates of the business. You can go for a brand association and also a good follower of a leader. This will help you to stay updated and you can also do your homework before you appear for an interview. This is the best way to build a career smoothly.


  1. You can manage your network efficiently:



When you open an account on LinkedIn, you can manage a good network and communication team. Saying updated with the profile will help you reach the most influential people in the industry. Therefore, it is important to update every information and experience related to your work field in your profile.

  1. Direct communication with Human Resource:

LinkedIn is the only platform that also allows you to get connected with the HR of various companies directly so there are no consultancy agencies in between. Just search the company where you are looking for a job, filter employees and boom, you are in touch with HR management. Then, it’s your job to keep yourself updated about the vacancies available suited for your role in their firms.

If you still behind and haven’t created the Linked In profile yet then maybe you will miss out on a golden opportunity to connect with various big and small companies from all around the globe. Just have faith in yourself and put your first step into the corporate world via Linked In. There is someone out there who is looking for a suitable candidate like you in their companies. So, keep exploring.


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