The vehicle of Marketing has been defined by pundits over the ages in many meaningful ways, but with this very important aspect of human behavior constantly changing, these definitions to take different hues.

Though Marketing has been practiced since time immemorial in different ways, it came to the fore in retrospect when the universal brand name “Sunlight”, the cake of soap was attractively wrapped and placed on a shelf.

Sir William Lever got an ingenious idea in the year 1885, of wrapping his cake of soap in the bright yellow paper, naming it “Sunlight” taking the name from the port town in England, where his little grocery was located.

The unprecedented sales that he generated in just a couple of days brought the practice of marketing to a new dimension and since then Marketers have been looking forward without living on their past laurels.

Since then Marketing has become very competitive and in this age of the Internet where access to information is mind-boggling Marketers need to think out of the box if they are to take their brands to the consumer first and fast.

To be consistent in the successful delivery of marketing strategies, professionals need to have their own backyards reverberating with modern thinking to bring forth great content so that their brands are showcased effectively.

We look at the seven (07) best ways which would help marketing teams to produce consistent and great content in the delivery of their marketing strategies which would ultimately win the day for their brand.

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#1. Telling the Story right

A planned, implemented and executed marketing strategy that would succeed could be equated to a story well told, because if the storyline is successful, then the marketing strategy would be too.

Though there were misconceptions a few years ago about marketers being identified as storytellers, this has changed in the present day and it is accepted by many professionals that for a campaign to succeed the storyline should be great.

Our lives are intertwined around a story so why not a successful marketing strategy because it deals with the different patterns of human behavior in a very complex platform of inducing decisions.


#2. First things first

In a competitive marketing environment, there would be many challenges that professionals would need to encounter if they are to deliver consistently great content.

Prioritizing each of those challenges and not casting any away would be to the team’s advantage because even the silliest of ideas which on paper may look frivolous could be effective on the ground when presented to consumers.

There have been many such instances where the most abstract of ideas have made for brands to stand out tall among others who would have burnt many a midnight oil thinking of great ideas which would have eluded them.

#3. Teamwork

It is not humanly possible to live our lives alone and secluded with such a vibrant world around us, we need others who would contribute to our lives and this is a very important context in human behavior.

Likewise planning, implementing and executing consistent and great marketing content would need different schools of thought and that could be achieved if a talented team is at work with strategized objectives in place.

Teamwork is important and with everyone putting their shoulder to the yoke and contributing profitably to the objective in focus producing consistent and great marketing content would be a foregone conclusion.


#4. Imagination

The most important aspect of evolution which has brought our world to this threshold over many millennia has been the unprecedented levels of imagination we and all other animals have had.

If humans were not imaginative we would still be living in caves, whilst covering ourselves with leaves and hunting with our bare hands to have our next meal.

Being imaginative is the core aspect of any effective marketing strategy and to produce consistent and great content our levels of imagination should run riot, to think of the most bizarre, because this is what would sell an idea and brand.


#5. Failures make success

Success would rarely come in the first instance and if we do think it would, then we are living in a fool’s paradise because life does not treat us ever so kindly.

The Wright brothers tried to fly their prototype for years and were at breaking point mentally, physically and psychologically until they got their contraption to fly.

Similarly to produce consistent and great content, teams would encounter many failures and it is learning from them and not giving which would be the difference between success and failure at the end.


#6. Collating

Maximum information collated from every possible source is the key to producing consistent and great marketing content which would sell an idea or brand effectively in the public domain.

The largest cauldron of information would be useless if marketers do not collate them efficiently to produce effective results on the ground, for which the information decimated should be qualitative.

It is only when qualitative information is collated that any strategy would be effective and its success measured when the returns on the set objectives are forthcoming.


#7. Knowledge

Gaining and assimilating knowledge is a never-ending phenomenon and would be something every human being would need to address right through his or her life, from the womb to the grave.

Professional marketers who would aspire to produce consistent and great content would need to acquire optimum knowledge if they are to have the edge that they would desire in the marketplace.

There is a rat race out there with every marketer worth his salt trying to do their utmost to achieve results and it is only consistency which would win the day for them and no slacking in their endeavors would bring them positive results.



It is every marketer’s dream to bring success to their brands and it would not come to them on a platter but hard work and dedication coupled with producing consistent and great content would win their battle in the end.


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