7 Reasons of enhancing your digital marketing strategy with social media

 Almost everyone everywhere around the globe is well aware about the concept of “Social Media”. Social Media is the best way of interacting with people by sharing your views, information, pictures or videos. The word “Social Media” can be easily understood by breaking it down into two different words, Social and Media. Being social is to interact with as many people and share your views. Whereas, Media is known as an instrument or medium of communication like internet, TV or radio. When you incorporate these two words, you can have a better idea about what social media actually is. It is something like,

“A medium or place where individual or group of people come over to interact with each other by sharing information, view, pictures or videos”.

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I believe now it is much clear what social media is and what is its purpose. Under the umbrella of the world of social media, you hear the words as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and many more. These are the mediums where people interact and where we spent more than half of our day. These mediums have taken over the internet and have bought big changes including promoting the concept of online shopping or keeping user informed of various trends.

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According to a research conducted by Nielson about 64% of people log in to social media websites atleast once a day and 47% people directly receive notifications of the sites on their mobile phone. Social media is not just dominant among common user but it is also conquering the world of Marketing. Every business in today’s world is striving to adopt social media in their digital marketing strategy. Now the question arises, why do they want to do that? Why do businesses want social media to be a part of their digital marketing strategy? Let’s a have a close look to the 7 reasons of why businesses want to enhance their digital marketing strategy with social media.

  • Promoting your brand

Social media is yet another platform for promoting your brand for free virtually to large number of audience. You can build a strong brand image, brand love and drive sales by savvy use of social media plat forms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest.  Pinterest can be an excellent platform for brands that sell women’s clothing or women’s accessories.

Promoting your brand

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  • Build loyal community

Everyone likes to be a part of a business community that is active and engage people at every stage. To create a bestselling preposition for your brand, build up a loyal brand community. Such communities create a strong bond between your brand and the prospects and ensures long term success for your brand.

Build loyal community

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  • Boost your customer service

Social media sites are also known to be best platform for providing customer service to your customer and increase brand worthiness. A research was conducted by Sprout Social in 2016 in which they found that 90% customers used social media to contact the brand.

Boost your customer service

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  • Expand digital exposure

For outbound marketing, online presence is very important for your brand. Google found out in a research that about 97% of customers use internet to look for a brand and make purchases via online shopping website.  Social media enables a brand to worldwide exposure and build strong customer base.

Expand digital exposure

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  • Enhance traffic and SEO rating

Social media plays an important role in bringing traffic to your website and help boost sale. Similarly, social media can also help in increasing your SEO rating and provide you top position on search engines results by using @copyproblogger advanced SEO plan and packages. With this tool, Online Shopping in Nepal are taking the most advantage.

Enhance traffic and SEO rating

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  • Expand customer base and sales

There are many customers that reach out the brand via social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter etc. Responding to customers queries helps to cater their specific needs. Social media also helps in expanding customer base. The more fans or followers your social media page has, the more customers you can reach out and greater chances to convert them into leads.

Neil Patel Library

Neil Patel Library

Expand customer base and sales

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  • Reduce Marketing cost


With the increasing trend of social media, it’s the right time to cut down your marketing cost. Social media is a free platform where you can promote your business and is affordable for everyone. Make the right use of social media and reduce your marketing cost.

Reduce Marketing cost

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