5 Ways to Get Customers to Find Your Business Online

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Today’s digital world offers numerous opportunities to every user around the globe. From finding friends to shopping online, the internet delivers convenience at every corner. When it comes to marketing products or services, businesses going digital is not something new at all. Statistics reveal that 76% of people think marketing has changed more in the last two years than it did in the past fifty years, which summarizes the rate of change today. Thanks to this “digital transformation”, making that trip to a physical store is declining in most industries.


People nowadays expect information about any product, service, company, brand, cause, an individual with just a few keystrokes or a tap of the microphone icon.


Since almost everything has gone digital, 81% shoppers search for products online before making a purchase.


With same day shipping from Amazon and other businesses following suit, it is extremely easy and convenient to purchase products online, hence, marketers and business owners are continuously improving their online sales system to establish better consumer approaches. If people can’t find your product, the chances are that you haven’t had the right kind of approach to effective digital marketing.


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Ways to Attract Customers Online

To get you started, here are some strategies to easily attract customers to your business online:


  1. Setting up A Website/Blog with Creative Content

To make your business prominent and noticeable, you first need to make sure that there is a compelling reason for people to visit your site. You can apply a creative content strategy as it makes content production, sharing and syndication quite easy. When you add creative content, search engines love to display your content, and in this area, you can unleash your editorial powers. This can help you expand the content further for articles, webinars, and e-books etc. Moreover, content marketing statistics show that 85% of the most successful marketers deliver content consistently, while 53% marketers said that creation of blog content tops their inbound marketing priorities.

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  1. Getting Found By Customers Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) at low cost

In case you didn’t know, Google receives more than 100 billion searches a month. Search engines display the top sites that receive the highest number of traffic accordingly. Although the competition gets challenging, small businesses are often squeezed out. However, for your business to make its place in the search landscape, you must put all your effort for best possible results. You may start considering your budget, speed and starting position to see when you can introduce your valuable tactics. Intact with the content creation, 72% of business owners reveal that introducing relevant content was the most effective search engine optimization tactic.


  1. Delivering a Mobile-Friendly User Experience

Today, more Google searches take place on smartphones than on computers. It becomes necessary for any business to upgrade their marketing strategies and content to a mobile level. Making your marketing strategy and content mobile-friendly will ensure fast business development. In fact, according to a survey, 30% of the U.S. commerce is contributed solely by mobile e-commerce. Making your online business mobile-friendly includes various added benefits, such as voice search, which can direct more traffic towards your site. Research shows that 43% of people use voice search on smartphones because it’s convenient and quicker than visiting a website or using an app.

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  1. Expanding Your Business Experience with Social Media

Social media plays a critical role in the expansion of your business. You can claim all the free opportunities that lie in the way to your success by creating multiple social media profiles on various social media platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram etc. You can also approach online magazine communities like Business Week, Entrepreneur ,and Inc. With the content consumption of Facebook increased by 57% and of LinkedIn increased by 21%,  you can make use of Social Media Engagement tools and build rich profiles and optimizing links, images, and videos that lead to your main site. Furthermore, social media marketing statistics determine that customers tend to spend 4 times more than those without a social component and tend to convert at rate 129% higher.


  1. Shaping the Review and Recommendation Game

In these days, most consumer decisions are made based on reviews of the product or service. In a Zendesk survey, 90% of the customer decisions were based on positive reviews, while negative reviews drove the decisions of 86% consumers. What you can do is to set up profiles at various review sites, and ask your customers for product reviews, which can only happen when you deliver exceptional customer service. You can expect feedback from the customer right away. Don’t let the negative reviews bring you down! You can use various inbound review site links and appreciating remarks that can help the customers make the decision on their own.


Final Thoughts

Your website is a gateway for digital customer engagement and sales. It is extremely important to update your site regularly with relevant content. Consistent updates will attract more visitors to your website. You should be active in all possible digital marketing channels to engage your audience. Success will not happen overnight. You need to remain patient and be consistent in your marketing activity. If you work hard and keep at it, your business will be rewarded with digital success.


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